1.        Attendance is limited to 320 people.  Advance registration is required.  
Parking is available at the main entrance to the UTHSC-SA Campus at 7703 Floyd
Curl Drive (use the entrance just south of Medical Drive).  Please tell the security
guard that you will be attending the radiology seminar and he/she will direct you
to the parking lot assigned to the seminar.   We are back to the lecture hall next
to the UTHSCSA Library. We do
not have to raise our registration fee this year as
rental costs have
not gone up. Sponsorship is not available as in years past. Same
entrance to the UTHSCSA, parking on the left this time.

Sign-up Now!  Every year, the seminar fills up within two to three weeks of
announcement! There will
NOT be a waiting list! You can verify registration
online on the main page,
 www. radtechgroup.net !

3.        The seminar will be held Saturday, October 26th 2019.
starts at 7:30
 Please arrive early so that we can start promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Breaks will be
provided at
10:30 a.m. and lunch.  CE Certificates will be provided at the
conclusion of the program.  Refreshments will be provided during the seminar.  
Lunch is on your own.  A
90-minute lunch break will be provided between 12:30
and 2:00 p.m. .  There are numerous choices of restaurants and fast food
locations in and near the Medical Center area.

4.        A $50.00 registration fee (checks payable to “
Univ. Radiologic
Technologists Group
”) is required to reserve your place at the seminar and helps
to offset a portion of the costs of the seminar.  Registrations are not
transferable!  Registrations must be received by October, 16th or until the
seminar reaches capacity, whichever comes first!  If you cancel prior to October,
16th we will refund your registration fee. You may report cancellations to (210)
358-8592 (please leave a message). If, for any reason, the bank returns your
check (such as NSF), you must reimburse us for the check and any bank charges.  
“No shows” will forfeit their registration fee.

5.        Mail your registration form and fee to:  TECHNOLOGIST EDUCATION DAY
2019, 7970 Fredericksburg Rd. Suite 101-331,  SAN ANTONIO, TX 78229. If
possible, we appreciate if each facility would send all registrations together as it
makes it easier to tabulate and acknowledge registrations. Confirmation will be
online at, radtechgroup.net once your registration is received and processed.

6.        Additional costs of Technologist Education Day 2019 are not being
underwritten through any sponsorship of any corporations or business other
than those listed. If you would like to sponsor contact us. The Departments of
Radiology for University Health System, The University of Texas Health Science
Center at San Antonio, Richard Landin and Russell Anthony have selected the
speakers and topics for the seminar. At this time, the list of speakers and topics
has not been finalized.

7.        Category A. Continuing Education Credit is pending with the American
Society of Radiologic Technologists—Department of Education.  The presenters
will maintain a record of attendance as required by ASRT, but under  ASRT rules,
these are not sent to ASRT.  Your certificate should be kept to confirm
attendance and credit.  A majority of credit hours will be
“direct” hours as
required by the State of Texas.
2019 Registration
form click here
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